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Telecommunications Provider and Solutions

Engineered Solutions to your Rural & Remote Internet Requirements

Broadband (highspeed) Internet Access Points Supported by Fiber Optic backbone

Site Engineering & Design Tools Supported Software Systems to complete prefeasibility assessments and final deployments

Complete Remote Access Systems Management – Mobile & DeskTop Platforms

 RCS can provide the following services

  • Ubiquiti, Unifi, UBNT Help, Installation and Design Support
  • Design and Prefeasibility rural and remote access solutions
  • Trenching & Fiber Optic/Copper Cable Installation
  • Fiber Switching System
  • Systems Integration of hardware and remote device operations
  • WiFi systems for commercial and residential applications
    • Density deployments for tight spacing, parks, RV parks, trailer parks
    • Unique remote access solutions
  • Access to internet solutions for single users and large user bases in cities, resorts etc
  • Private VPN set up and management

Demographic Served

  • Rural Residential
  • Rural Business
  • Industrial Sites
  • Any Remote Locations
  • City Rural requiring last km hook ups
  • Counties/Municipalities, Cities, Towns, Villages
  • Government, Provincial – Federal, Parks